Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip)

Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip)

Power Box Features:

  • Uses 3 Pass & Seymour Audio Grade Receptacles (15 or 20 Amp capable)
  • No AC inlet the 4ft Gold series Power Cable is hard wired.
  • No IEC AC inlets, Circuit Breakers, or Power Switches to limit Current
  • Internal wiring is all Military spec 99.99% Silver plated OFC copper wire with Teflon Dielectric
  • Made from Die-cast aluminum with a powder-coat finish for strength and resistance to wear and tear

Gold Series Power Cable Features:

  • 4 foot Modified Gold Series Power Cable
  • 10 Awg x 3 (99.99% OFC Copper Conductors)
  • Super Flexible
  • Polyethylene dielectric
  • 30 Amp Rated
  • Will Power any type of component
  • Hand Built
  • Made in the USA!

Gold Series Plug Features:

  • 24 K Gold Plating over 99.99% OFC Red Copper
  • Cryo Treated at -192 degrees for 48 Hours

***Also available with a Crossover Series Power Cable hardwired in place of the Gold Series. Price with a Crossover Series Power Cable is $309.

Price: $239

Customer Feedback:

Hi Patrick,

“All I can say is WOW! The Power Box w/ your Perfect Plugs improved our system by a wide margin! I am blown away. I was expecting maybe some improvement around the ‘edges’ so to speak, but the sound improved beyond all expectations.

Once the package arrived, I listened to Joe Bonamassa and The Cowboy Junkies (Trinity Session, which is mainly Margo Timmins sounding very sexy). Joe B was first up – I noticed the sound was much clearer, yet smoother and more detailed in maybe five seconds! I also, I swear the volume was increased – I have the Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS2 pre-amp with the numerical readings for volume, so I can match volume to w/in 0.7 db. As I listened to more of Joe B, I realized bass definition was much better also. Then listened to a few tracks of Margo. She became smoother and more detailed – not as large an improvement as w/ Joe B., but definitely significant.

This has to be the best $200+ I’ve spent in a very long time.

Bill Strang