Cullen Cable was founded in 2009 on the simple premise that high-quality audio cables could be produced in the USA at a reasonable cost. This goal is achieved by drawing on many years of experience in many facets of the audio industry, then applying that knowledge and combining it with a no-nonsense approach to cable design and manufacture.

Please allow up to three weeks for building and shipping as I personally design, build and test each and every product that I offer.

Customer Feedback:

“I just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am with your products. I purchased

  1. Crossover Series C19 power cord
  2. Perfect Plug x 2
  3. Gold Series Power Box 6 w/ Crossover Series IEC power cord x 2

These 3 items took my system to the next level. I was getting static on some streamed songs, not many songs but the same songs consistently. I was not able to figure out the cause or how to resolve it. These Cullen products removed the static immediately. No warmup or break-in was necessary. The soundstage widened and definitely seemed more 3 dimensional. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I was amazed and my expectations were surpassed. I was expecting a slight or no change in sound to be honest. What I heard was easily perceptible and quite stunning actually. The Perfect Plugs are now at the center of my system giving perfect 60 Hz 120v sine waves. Every piece of my equipment that creates sound is plugged directly into a Perfect Plug or indirectly into a Perfect Plug via a Gold Series Power Box. The Perfect Plugs literally power my system.

Now when there is any upgrade to be made to my system, I look at all Cullen products to see what I can include. Thank you so much.”

– Michael Hooten, September 28th, 2023