Copper Series RCA

Copper Series RCA

Interconnects prices have skyrocketed out of reach, so Cullen is proud to offer these affordable and effective cables. Cullen interconnects use the finest audio grade materials; the result is a very musical and revealing cable that brings out even the subtlest details from your source. Cullen ICs feature 18awg 99.99% pure OFC copper conductors. Their 98% copper shield braid eliminates any airborne RF or EMI. Cullen RCA’s are terminated with Gold Plated Copper connectors with a carbon fiber shell. These Interconnects produce a very neutral sound and get out of the way.

Interconnect Features:

  • Super Flexible 8mm PVC Outer Jacket
  • 98% Shield constructed of 99.9% Pure OFC copper wire with drain wire which will eliminate EFI and RF
  • 18 awg 99.99% Pure OFC Copper Conductors
  • Teflon dielectric which provides an extremely high signal transfer and accurate sound quality
  • Covered with black Techflex sleeving
  • Made in the USA with professional grade materials


Locking Gold plated copper with a Carbon Fiber Shell.

Prices per pair:

  • .5 Meter $109
  • 1 Meter $119
  • 1.5 Meter $129
  • 2 Meter $139
  • 3 Meter $159
  • 4 Meter $189