Crossover Series

Crossover Series

The Crossover Power Cable is Cullen’s flagship. Completely hand-built from the ground up, the Crossover boasts the perfect blend of silver and copper. The result is a tube-like sound, free of any dullness or brightness. You will find yourself playing familiar tracks over and over, marveling at the new sounds previously masked by other power cords.

Three wires, consisting of 12awg 99.99% pure silver-plated copper with Teflon dielectric, are braided to virtually eliminate all noise. The wires are then shielded with a 100% coverage tinned copper shield braid. The result is a dead-silent power cable. The shielded wires are swathed in Teflon wrap. Black Techflex sleeving finishes off the aesthetic. Available in 15-amp or 20- amp terminations (20-amp IEC connector is a Hubbell 320HC)

Power Cable Features:

  • Military Spec Wire
  • 12awg 99.99% Pure Silver Plated Wires (Line, Neutral, and Ground)
  • Teflon Dielectric which provides an extremely Quick and accurate Power Cable
  • Available with a 15 Amp or 20 Amp IEC
  • 100% Shield Braid Coverage
  • Super Flexible
  • Completely Hand built from the Ground up
  • Made in the USA!


  • 18k Platinum plating over 99.99% OFC Solid Red Copper On both IEC and Plug
  • Cryo Treated for 48 Hours at -192 degrees


  • 3ft $179
  • 4ft $ 189
  • 5ft $199
  • 6ft $209
  • 7ft $219

For each additional foot add $20

Customer Feedback:

Hi Patrick,

“Just my thoughts on the Crossover Power Cables thus far…….

IMHO the Crossover Power Cables are an outstanding value and the best regardless of price! The cable just gets out of the way of the music. A quiet noise floor, great image outlines with a wide and deep sound stage. Top end is open and extended without sounding bright, Midrange sound natural with a silky tube like quality, Bass is tight and extended. I have purchased 5 set from you thus far and still planning to purchase a few more.”

Some other power cables I have used:

  • Harmonic Technology: AC-10 and AC-11
  • Kimber Kable: PK-10 and PK-14
  • PS Audio: AC-10, AC-5, Prelude, Plus
  • MIT: Z-Cord various models
  • Nordost: Shiva, Thor and and Vishnu


Kevin Pabila


“Patrick Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the two Crossover PC’s I bought from you a few months ago. They have improved substantially more after the initial 75 hour break-in period. Instruments are much clearer and better defined, timbres are more accurate, images are more holographic, and the high frequencies are extended and sweet. They have greatly reduced, if not removed, digititis, and LP’s have never sounded better. When I upgrade to a new SACD player, I shall certainly purchase another Crossover PC.”


Norm Pratt

“I never thought my other audiophile-grade cables were bad until I tried your crossover power cable. The sound now is the most balanced I’ve heard it along with a wider soundstage. My power cord search has ended.

Thanks Patrick!”

Scott Widmer


I have 3 of your Crossover power cords, but I did not have one on my new power amp until I got the new cord today.  Just a few minutes with it and OMG!  I thought this amp was good, but now it’s amazing.  More detail, more depth, instruments are placed better, slightly nicer bass, and the mids are amazing.  The highs were always good with my old Snell C IV’s, but the blend now is sooooooo good.
Thanks for such a great power cord.

All the best,

Ernie Adams